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Flavor of faraway places, of the morning quiet, of the freshly picked fruit, of the songs on the feast days and the endless nights; pink powder, slightly raised  for the children playful ride; barefoot climbing as fast as cats between  the trees;  a cigar, slowly smoked in the shade of the hedge as to taste its entire  aroma; rolling dice on the game board in the square; the exotic and aphrodisiac scent  that comes from the widen windows: this is Cuba, in many thoughts. It is the last communism bastion, it is the emblem of the most tenacious proletarian revolution, and its strict limits to progress, along with its lack of openness to the outside world, helped to maintain, for better or for worse, an almost primitive aura. Antonella Falcioni reach, just may, that wonderful Caribbean archipelago with  smooth and precise strokes, recounting the most happier and genuine aspects today.

Roman by origin, Brescian by adoption, Cuban by passion. Antonella Falcioni  discovered her love for art while still a child, she was only eight years old when she joined the first course of painting. And like any first love, she never abandoned it. Since then her hand is raised, the grip has become more strong and confident and her soul curious and sensitive as the one of the best artists.

She is successfully present for years on the artistic Italian and international scene with her ceramics, appreciated for their delicacy and elegance. Her first exhibition in 1999 is followed by many others, collective and personal, also in Germany. She traces, with refinement and detail attention, the outlines of women, madonnas and angels, but also the corrugated profiles of landscapes, flowers and animals on plates, cups and vases of varying shape.

In 2010 Falcioni faces new paths, approaching the oil painting, conquered from it. The subjects of her paintings are men, women and children caught at random, stolen moments, in the quiet of their daily lives. There are no studied scenarios nor theatrical poses, in her paintings everything is spontaneous. She's interested in transmitting  exactly what she sees, the truth of these stories, the emotions of those faces. And she manages in her intent through a game of brushstrokes: broad, fast, intense and conflicting for the backgrounds; thin, precise, veiled for the figures.

If Paul Gauguin left Paris to travel to Panama, Martinique and Tahiti, Falcioni choose Cuba as a favorite destination, an oasis of inspiration. The search, however, is the same.

She, like he did a century and a half earlier, is attracted by the primitive authenticity of those places, of the almost childlike naivety of those who live there, of the surrounding tropical atmosphere, as well as of the colors vibrancy, of the scents freshness, of the light’s transparency. She  gets involved up to portray herself between them, until she feels herself a part of those places, so distant and fascinating. Her tall, candid and graceful figure stands out among others in a wonderful contrast.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Antonella Falcioni, important presence of Italian art in the world, takes on, with creations and actions, the strong connotation of winning spirit. A proof of this is the latest series of works developed from the brescian artist, dedicated to the Victory. The scope that gives more expressiveness to the triumph and familiar to the artist, by inclination and participation, is, undoubtedly, the one of the sport. The physical and psychological effort, and that leads to a superiority relives in the dynamics of colors and gestures that are the protagonists of Falcioni’s paintings. The chromatic liveliness and the serene dance of the forms are the philosophy messengers of the whole art of Antonella Falcioni: le bonheur de vivre. And when, if not in the moment of glory, that every overflows of joy of living. The ineffable exclusivity of the glory moment is imprisoned by an equally unique and unrepeatable image. The work of art is a victory and its preciousness is equal to that of the laurel. And if from the winning time remains nothing but a symbolic object (a prize, a cup ..), artistic creation gives those same sublime feelings any time you admire it. Victory flies while art draws its history, celebrates it and immortalizes it. Antonella Falcioni is among the few Italian artists alert and focused on the great historical, documentary and celebratory force of figurative art, because the painting commemorates from centuries the great victories of man in every area of his life and, therefore, embodies his faith in an absolute best. The victory is the smile of God.

Denitza Nedkova


Antonella Falcioni was born on 8th july 1966 in Rome. When she was 5 years old, she moved to Ciliverghe, a little town near Brescia. From the most tender years, she turned out to have a lively creativity and artistic skills.

At the age of 8 , her family boosted her with enthusiasm to her inclinations for a painting course and at 12 years old, she experienced the oil pastel technique, realizing her first family’s portraits.
In the meantime, she came of age, she became a fashion designer, she started to work in her family’s factory and she continued to follow her great passion: Art.
In Germany, she attended some courses taught by the master Hans Bouer (Meissen school) about the complex classical china painting technique, giving birth to a beautiful production of refined figures of ladies, angels, madonnas, still life, flowers, landscapes and animals which decorated plates, globets and vases.
Antonella Falcioni studied this subject in depth, following in Milan, more than twenty seminars taught by artists of international fame such as the venezuelan Mariela Villasmil. Then she got through her first two years of China Painting master with the american artist Stephen Merlin Hajes, in the italian seat of North West Florida Association.
From 1999, after just three years from her first approch with the porcelain painting, she felt the need to introduce her appreciated works to a wide public, showing them in a large number of exhibitions in which we can remember a one-woman exhibition in Manerbio (Brescia), in 2000 Azzurra Convention in Villa Mella (Brescia), in 2005 a one-woman exhibition “Angels” in Pavone Mella (Brescia).
Then she exposed in other one-woman exhibitions where she obtained a great succes in Montichiari (Brescia) in 2006, in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova), in Virle (Brescia) and in her town Rezzato in 2011 together with MA Gallery.
After many approvals from her public for her delicate and elegant works on porcelain, our artist felt again the desire to face a new challenge: the oil painting on canvas technique.
In 2010, in fact, Antonella Falcioni enrolled in the Institute LABA in Brescia where she learnt the rudiments of the oil painting, concentrating her attention to the portrait.
From this moment, our artist finds a new way of expression through which she shows the pleasantness of her works where we have faces of women, men, children met during her everyday life and during her frequent travels to Cuba.
In this fervent creative period, Antonella Falcioni shows, through her canvases, her careful work of introspection and research of human soul.
In fact, this artist prefers using a canvas prepared with a background base of very dark colours, that gives the idea of a trip in which she penetrates the inside of her subjects, in the darkness, just to their deepest essence and then, she brings it back to the light by a learnt lightening of her palette, realizing the portrait.
Antonella Falcioni paints with wide and quick brush strokes with a contrasting colouring of dark and strong tints where brown, black, red, ochre and turquoise nuances are mixed, creating a simple, neutral and indefinite background.
An inexistent setting and a summary portrayal of her subjects’ clothes denote, in our artist, a certain carelessness for details, focalizing intentionally, her attention to the real protagonists: the face and the expression of the portrayed.
These are painted with accurate glazes from which precise and realistic details come out: dimples, expression lines, reflection on the glasses’ lens, light ocular defects, etc.
The proposed subjects in her portraits are sometimes strong figures to all appearances, but they seem to be in contrast with what their sweet eyes revel, their real nature that Antonella Falcioni can well represent on her canvas. We have also some portraits of cuban children, painted with large smiles and vivacious eyes that go back to happy and light-hearted childhood moments.
All this work on the portrait is the subject that Antonella Falcioni wants to use to inaugurate her art gallery, called MA gallery in Rezzato (Brescia – Italy) where our artist wants to realize a permanent exposition of all her creations, in an exhibition space where she feels the need to communicate and to interact with her works and with her actual and future estimators where creativity, experimentation, passion and dedication to art blend.

                                                                                                        Sonja Ferri

Curriculum vitae
26 giugno 2 luglio esposizione nella Villa Castelnuovo a Palermo intitolata Porto Franco a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi
21 giugno Trasparencias mostra nel museo  Provincial Ignacio Agramonte Camaguey Cuba con i dipinti degli allievi cubani dopo il seminario svoltosi a Camaguey
2 giugno gara al circolo di Golf Bergamo Albenza con premi dipinti su porcellana per Luxury Golf
1 giugno a Palazzo Oddo ad Albenga in Liguria collettiva con la galleria di Bologna Wikiarte
23 maggio gara al circolo Bresciagolf con premi dipinti su porcellana per MA Gallery
18 maggio gara al circolo di Golf Gardagolf con premi dipinti su porcellana per Luxury Golf
Personale presso il golf di Modena con premi della gara dipinti su porcellana per Luxury golf
dal 12 aprile al 12 maggio esposizione collettiva presso la MA Gallery organizzata dalla galleria    Wikiarte di Bologna con presentazione del volume Sensazioni Artistiche editore Giorgio Mondadori
dal 28 marzo al 10 maggio esposizione personale  Suenos sobre porcelana nel museo  Provincial Ignacio Agramonte Camaguey Cuba
23 febbraio quadripersonale nella galleria di Bologna Wikiarte “MI VIDA”
Dal 14 al 17 febbraio fiera arte Genova con la galleria di Bologna Wikiarte
Dal 12 al 16 febbraio partecipazione alla 1 biennale della creatività a Verona inaugurata da Vittorio Sgarbi

22 novembre presentazione ufficiale alla stampa di una serie di dipinti in esclusiva su porcellana per gare eventi golfistici firmati Costantino Rocca  della socierà Rocca Ambition.

dal 15 al 18 novembre fiera Arte Padova nello stand MA Gallery

dal 1 al 4 novembre collettiva presso il museo Fondation Pierre Gianadda a Martigny Suisse

dal 12 al 19 ottobre collettiva presso la galleria d’arte “Il Tempio” a Palermo
dal 5 al 19 ottobre personale presso il comune di Lograto (BS) Mi vida
dal 28 al 29 settembre Bi personale presso l’azienda Fratelli Berlucchi a Franciacorta (BS)
dal 28 al 29 settembre collettiva a Villa Lechi Franciacorta (BS)
dal 28 agosto al 4 settembre Free-style presso la galleria di Bologna Wikiarte
dal 29 giugno al 1 agosto in occasione del ” Premio artista dell’anno” esposizione collettiva a Cesenatico (FC) – (Italy)
dal 29 giugno al 30 agosto esposizione collettiva presso il museo di Monreale a Palermo – (Italy) in occasione del ” Premio internazionale della Pace nel mondo”
dal 1 al 2 giugno collettiva presso il museo arti del fuoco a Nova Milanese – (Italy)
dal 7 giugno al 7 luglio Bipersonale a Cuba presso la galleria CIPAP nella città di Camaguei – Cuba
dal 1 giugno al 7 giugno collettiva “volti e figure” Venezia galleria Santa Teresa27-28 – Italy

marzo esposizione presso Italia Show L’arte della porcellana a Villa Fenaroli Rezzato (Bs) – Italy

dal 2 al 14 marzo esposizione personale presso la galleria di Bologna Wikiartepiatto – Italy

un piatto è esposto in permanenza nel museo di Nova Milaneseun piatto – Italy

un piatto è esposto in permanenza nel comune di Pavone Mella (BS) – Italy
esposizione personale permanente presso il Gardagolf di Soiano (Bs)- Italy
dal 1 febbraio-4 marzo: Esposizione collettiva Artisti in Galleria presso MA Gallery, Rezzato (BS) – Italy
esposizione permanente presso il Gardagolf di Soiano (Bs) Italy
Dicembre: Collettiva presso la JDA Gallery a Wroclaw in Polonia;
dall’ 8 dicembre – 23 dicembre: Collettiva Di nuovo noi altri presso MA Gallery, Rezzato (BS);
dal 23 novembre – 6 dicembre: Collettiva Il colore dell’Anima presso MA Gallery, Rezzato (BS)
il 2-3-4 giugno: Partecipazione al concorso internazionale Convencion Azzurra presso Villa Ponti a Varese.
3 dicembre – 11 dicembre: Collettiva presso Bottega Alta e Mestieri Rezzato (BS) Collettiva chiesetta
Rezzato Collettiva presso sala Virle Collettiva Botticino Collettiva Castigliane delle Stiviere – libreria

27 maggio – 3 giugno: Personale Dipinti su porcellana presso la Galleria Civica di Montichiari

Personale Angeli presso la chiesa sconsacrata di S. Rocco a Pavone Mella (BS)
Personale La rinascita del colore presso la chiesa sconsacrata di S. Rocco a Pavone Mella (BS)
Partecipazione al concorso internazionale Convencion Azzurra presso Villa Ponti a Varese.
Personale presso la sala espositiva del comune di Manerbio (BS).
 Falcioni Antonella P.I. 03263120986 C.F. FLCNNL66L48H50IL Codice REA BS-519242